You Want Sex Beets With That?

There are good song titles and there are great song titles. Then there are fucking great song titles (see all of McCluskys song titles). So when I saw a song titled ‘Im In Love With You (So Shut The Fuck Up)’ by London act the Sex Beet  I was always going to like it even if it sounded like a kim kardashian and paris hilton autotune duet. Thankfully it sounds like a 2 minute blistering piece of pop punk perfection and you need it in your ears right now.



Django Django

Edinburghs live music scene may be dying on its arse. In fact it most definitely is. With the loss of Bongo Club, and Cabaret Voltaire being bought by some guy who wants to make it like a George Street wine bar, its looking grim. That said the music is still being made and what glorious music it is too. Django Django have been compared with beta band and rightfully so. They meld great loops and indie rock riffs to create a unique sound and somehow manages to capture the good old Scottish pop sensibilities of its peers. They dropped a great self titled album well worth hunting down and this is my particular favorite rack from it called ‘DEFAULT’


Find A Beat And Try Dance To It

Humour and music has always gone hand in hand throughout the years. Whether it was Weird Al in a fat suit to Tenacious D’s acoustic rock tributes. One Scottish band has managed  to create quite brilliant music and save the humor for their videos and interviews and blogs. Mickey 9s dropped a funk rock masterpiece in the form of single ‘Find A Thing‘. Not only is it more catchy than chlamydia it has a distinctive and amusing video to compliment the track like a fine pairing of buckfast and monster munch. Mickey 9’s frontmans dance moves could probably create peace in the middle east. This is a band you want to get to know – Mickey 9’s Website

Mercury Music Prize Fail

The Mercury Music Prize short list was released the other day. It contained the usual mix and array of familiar and unfamiliar names. Lot of people have an opinion on what albums should be listed and I am one of them. The fact that the MMP overlooked Aidan John Moffat & Bill Wells “Everything’s Getting Older” makes me question their panels abilities to not have donkey cocks stuffed in their ears.

The poetic lyrics and rough delivery of vocals delivered by Aidan on the album is the equivalent of of a drunk forlorn angry John Keats. Bill Wells musical accompaniments to these dour yet poignant words is nothing short of angelic. Perhaps the MMP are having trouble relating to such a strong  Scottish snapshot of various walks of life from unkempt council estates to fur coat no knickers urban mansions and the stories and lives that dwell within them . Maybe they didn’t manage too listen more than once. Maybe we shouldn’t care after all its the mercury music prize, and award shows are not what music is made for and if it is?  it’ll probably end up winning the mercury music prize.

World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation Pronounced Woo Life

The mysterious Wu Lyf  hail from Manchester England and that’s about all I know of the band. That and they released a rather great eccentric debut called ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

They give the industry very little to go on to begin with but since the release have been forthcoming with the more details such as members names. But I liked the air of mystery which is pretty much lost these days due to social media giving us unlimited access in and insight to peoples shopping lists and favorite sandwiches. I read someone compared them to Duritti Column. I think I am the only person in my age bracket who has probably seen Duritti Column but I will say it wasn’t a bad call.


Get yer psychedelia warmed ear muffs round this track from their debut –


Admirable Fellows Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow are another exceedingly promising Scottish outfit. They also have one of the best album titles I have heard in a while – “Boots Met My Face“. The title exudes a certain Scottish sense of humor as does the music contained within there stunning debut.

They say you can tell a lot about a band by the company they keep. Admiral Fallow have been on jaunts with the likes of The Felice Brothers, The Guillemots and Paolo Nutini. You throw the band Elbow into that mix and you’ll begin to have an idea of the sound of Admiral Fallow. They were recently featured in a BBC 2 documentary called ‘Scotland Rocks at SXSW 2011‘ (sadly not available to watch in US) along side other promising Scottish acts such as Withered Hand.

Have a listen to one of the many standout tracks from their debut – “Squealing Pigs”

For more info on the band click here

Let The A&R Scrum Begin

Blackpool may be known in old blighty for having a pier and illuminations. Its also quite well known for its instrumental organ music. Soon it will be known as the home town of an extremely talented 18 year old singer named Rae Morris. I came across Rae only a few weeks ago and was instantly blown away not just by her voice but the quality of her songs. She wrenches at the heart strings with her haunting piano melodies. To compare her to Adele is not a stretch and I actually prefer Rae’s voice (and songs for that matter) over anything on Adele’s previous albums. She is currently unsigned but cant imagine it staying that way for much longer. Take a moment to be soothed by a voice that belies her young years. Click image to hear studio version of her songs.

Rae Morris



If I’m Growing Old Then I Know This Song Is Coming With Me

I was given a link to this band from the booker at Pomona music venue The Glasshouse. He sent it to me based on the fact that I’m Scottish, they’re Scottish, therefore I must like them. By that logic I must be a big Runrig fan. I am not a fan of Runrig. I am undoubtedly now a huge fan of Bear Bones. This young band have a knack for epic acoustic driven dittys. Maybe as I am no longer in the auld country, I am more warmed by hearing the Scottish voice but Ben Harrison of Bear Bones voice could draw emotion from a stone.

I’ll be holding vigil over the Bear Bones Website for news of a debut album, so until then we have to make do with the few videos they have created. Must be said that they also have great skills in putting together amazing videos to accompany their songs. This bands the whole package and will soon be the indie darlings in Scotlands musical crown. Check out this video for their song ‘Oil & Lacquer’

Have I FOUND The Band For You!

We are already halfway through 2011 and already there’s been several contenders for albums of the year. One that may not be making the lists in the USA is Factorycraft by Found. The reason being it seems no-one here has heard it. Could be in part due to it not being released over here yet but regardless of all that its a serious contender for my top albums list.

Hailing from Scotland and signed to Scotland’s greatest record label Chemikal Underground , Found have released an exquisite and unique record. They manage to meld genres from punk & indie to electronica without ever really committing to any of them. Also the front mans name is Ziggy (and yes Ziggy plays guitar) so they cant fail to be balls out brilliant.

You can stream album stand-out track and recent single ‘Anti-Climb Paint’ at the bands Bandcamp page (then buy it!). Click on image below for link.


Moffat’s Got You!

Scotland’s own poet laureate miserablist Aidan John Moffat (formerly of Arab Strap and numerous other notable projects) takes on the Sonny & Cher lovey-dovey duet. Opting to do the song solo rather than a duet gives the song a new twist. With his poignant Scottish drawl it strips the song of its schmaltz and turns it into something quite harrowing and touching which is no mean feat. The cover is borderline uplifting till you find it was recorded and used in a movie where a guy eats the ashes of his departed wife (Paul Wright ‘Believe’).  Click on image below to listen to the track –