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If I’m Growing Old Then I Know This Song Is Coming With Me

I was given a link to this band from the booker at Pomona music venue The Glasshouse. He sent it to me based on the fact that I’m Scottish, they’re Scottish, therefore I must like them. By that logic I must be a big Runrig fan. I am not a fan of Runrig. I am undoubtedly now a huge fan of Bear Bones. This young band have a knack for epic acoustic driven dittys. Maybe as I am no longer in the auld country, I am more warmed by hearing the Scottish voice but Ben Harrison of Bear Bones voice could draw emotion from a stone.

I’ll be holding vigil over the Bear Bones Website for news of a debut album, so until then we have to make do with the few videos they have created. Must be said that they also have great skills in putting together amazing videos to accompany their songs. This bands the whole package and will soon be the indie darlings in Scotlands musical crown. Check out this video for their song ‘Oil & Lacquer’


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2 responses to “If I’m Growing Old Then I Know This Song Is Coming With Me

  1. Saw them in Glasgow a few months ago… was brilliant. These guys also played the same gig as them…

  2. src1226

    Cool Ill check them out Paul thanks

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