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Admirable Fellows Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow are another exceedingly promising Scottish outfit. They also have one of the best album titles I have heard in a while – “Boots Met My Face“. The title exudes a certain Scottish sense of humor as does the music contained within there stunning debut.

They say you can tell a lot about a band by the company they keep. Admiral Fallow have been on jaunts with the likes of The Felice Brothers, The Guillemots and Paolo Nutini. You throw the band Elbow into that mix and you’ll begin to have an idea of the sound of Admiral Fallow. They were recently featured in a BBC 2 documentary called ‘Scotland Rocks at SXSW 2011‘ (sadly not available to watch in US) along side other promising Scottish acts such as Withered Hand.

Have a listen to one of the many standout tracks from their debut – “Squealing Pigs”

For more info on the band click here


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